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Literacy Research and Instruction


Literacy Research and Instruction

Literacy Research and Instruction is an international refereed professional journal that publishes articles addressing research and instruction in reading education and allied literacy fields. LRI is published quarterly with approximately 1,500 copies per issue. 


We are currently accepting applications for a new editorial team to begin their term 2020, with a transition process that begins during the summer of 2019.  The deadline for applications is February 15th.  Application guidelines have been sent out to our membership.  For more information, please contact the Publication Co-Chairs, Sheri Vasinda & Leslie Haas.

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Instructions to Authors

Literacy Research and Instruction (formerly Reading Research and Instruction), the official journal of the Association of Literacy Educators & Researchers, is an international refereed professional journal that publishes articles dealing with research and instruction in reading education and related literacy fields.


The journal is especially focused on manuscripts that exhibit systematic methods of inquiry on topics such as professional development of teachers and reading specialists, teacher education programs, adult learning, and instructional practices. Topics of special interest to reading and literacy educators will also be considered.

Literacy Research and Instruction is an international refereed professional journal that publishes articles dealing with research and instruction in reading education and allied literacy fields. LRI is indexed in the ERIC system and articles are reported in Research in Education. Authors are encouraged to submit articles concerned with instructional practices and/or applied or basic research of special interest to reading/literacy educators. Manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages of narrative length (excluding figures and references). Literacy Research and Instruction is published quarterly with approximately 1,500 copies per issue.

Review Process: Review of manuscripts will be impartially conducted by the Editorial Advisory Board and the editors. Accepted manuscripts may require revisions for clarity, organization, language, mechanics, and/or style. Only completed manuscripts will be reviewed. Manuscripts must be original works, which have not been published elsewhere in any form or submitted simultaneously to other journal(s) for publication. Submissions during summer months require more time for processing.

Articles submitted to Literacy Research and Instruction have a blind review by a team of three external reviewers. The acceptance rate is 15-20% and the review process takes two-three months. Please note that Literacy Research and Instruction uses CrossCheck™ software to screen papers for unoriginal material. By submitting your paper to Literacy Research and Instruction you are agreeing to any necessary originality checks your paper may have to undergo during the peer review and production processes.Literacy Research and Instruction is published by Taylor & Francis. For more information on the journal, go here.

Review Board

Members of the review board are asked to review between six and eight manuscripts a year.

  • Alston, Danny
  • Alvermann, Donna
  • Applegate, Mary
  • Araujo, Juan
  • Assaf, Lori
  • Atkinson, Terry
  • Aydelott, Sabiha
  • Bacsal, Rhoda Myra
  • Bahous, Rima
  • Bailer, Cyntia
  • Barone, Diane
  • Beach, Kristen
  • Beckman, Marian
  • Branson, Stephanie
  • Brefeld, Rosa
  • Cahill, Mary Ann
  • Calderhead, William
  • Canady, Fawn
  • Cardullo, Vicky 
  • Carter, Hannah
  • Carter, Matthew
  • Chai, Hannah
  • Chambers Schuldt, Lorien
  • Ciecierski, Lisa
  • Clark, Sarah
  • Collet, Vicki
  • Collucci, Melissa
  • Curcic, Svjetlana
  • Davis, Marcia
  • Dean, Emily
  • DeFauw, Danielle
  • DeFrance, Nancy
  • Dennis, Danielle
  • Diarrassouba, Nagnon 
  • Falk-Ross, Francine
  • Farrow, Joyce
  • Feiker Hollenbeck, Amy
  • Ferree, Angela
  • Fine, Joyce
  • Finley, Lauren 
  • Fisher, Douglas
  • Fitzgerald, Miranda
  • Flory, Michelle 
  • Ford-Connors, Evelyn
  • Gibson, Sharan
  • Glover, Crystal 
  • Gordon Pershey, Monica
  • Graham, Steve
  • Haid, Lois
  • Hall-Kenyon, Kendra
  • Hall, Leigh
  • Hays, Melanie
  • Helfrich, Sara
  • Hodges, Tracey
  • Hoffman, Emily 
  • Holder, Ashley
  • Hruby, George
  • Hunt, Carolyn
  • Iwai, Yuko
  • Jolly , Ann
  • Jones, Cindy
  • Jones, Suzanne
  • Kavel, Rebecca
  • Kearney-Edwards, Katina
  • Kelley, Michelle
  • Kelly, Laura
  • Kerbs, Macie
  • Kersten, Sara
  • Kester, Kyle
  • Kidd, Julie
  • Killingsworth Roberts, Sherron
  • Kucan, Linda
  • Lammert, Catherine
  • Lavery, Matthew
  • Layton, Kent
  • Lazar, Althier
  • Learned, Julie
  • Leckie, Alisa
  • Lee, Elizabeth 
  • Lesley, Mellinee
  • Lilienthal, Linda
  • Linder, Roberta
  • Malloy, Jacquelynn
  • Marlatt, Rick
  • Massey, Dixie
  • Massey, Susan
  • Mathis, Janelle
  • Matthews, Sharon
  • May, Laura
  • McClanahan, Barbara
  • Meyer, Carla
  • Mohr, Kathleen A.J.
  • Montelongo, José
  • Morrison, Timothy
  • Morton-Rose, Cindy
  • Moses, Lindsey
  • Mraz, Maryann
  • Nickolson, Claudia
  • Nielson, Erika
  • O'Brien, Lisa 
  • Olshefski, Christopher
  • Ortlieb, Evan
  • Ortmann, Lisa
  • Paige, David
  • Pantaleo, Sylvia
  • Parsons, Allison
  • Parsons, Seth
  • Pennington, Sarah
  • Pigozzi, Grace
  • Ponder, John
  • Protacio, Maria
  • Quirk, Matthew
  • Rainey, Emily C.
  • Rasinski, Timothy
  • Rice, Peggy 
  • Richards, Janet
  • Roberts, Kathryn
  • Robnolt, Valerie
  • Ryan, Tammy
  • Samuel, David
  • Sand, Dianna
  • Savitz, Rachelle
  • Schachter, Rachel
  • Schey, Ryan
  • Schirmer, Barbara
  • Scott, Chyllis
  • Semingson, Peggy
  • Silvestri, Katarina
  • Soares, Lina
  • Stewart, Trevor
  • Sullivan, Pamela
  • Sylvester, Ruth
  • Szabo, Susan
  • Thoma, Jennifer
  • Tighe, Elizabeth L.
  • Toll, Cathy
  • Tong, Fuhui
  • Trainin, Guy
  • Troyer, Margaret
  • Waldron, Chad
  • Ward, Natalia
  • Warren, Amber
  • Washburn, Erin
  • Weir, Joan
  • Wickstrom, Carol
  • Wilcox, Bradley
  • Wilder, Phillip
  • William, Tom
  • Wilson, Nance
  • Wolsey, Thomas
  • Wooten, Cynthia
  • Wright, Katherine
  • Xiao, Bing
  • Yeh, Yi-Fen
  • Zygouris-Coe, Vassiliki

Call for Special Issues


Call for Submissions: Emerging Scholars Series


Literacy Research and Instruction introduces the Emerging Scholars Series. This section of the journal will be devoted to publishing articles written by new scholars in the field of literacy education.


This call for submission is intended as an opportunity for doctoral candidates or faculty members with less than two year experience to publish ongoing research or work in progress. In general, the editorial team of Literacy Research and Instruction encourages submission of manuscripts that focus on instructional methods practices, and strategies related to reading/literacy and of interest to literacy educators and researchers.


The cover letter associated with the manuscript should note the manuscript is being submitted for consideration within the Emerging Scholars Series of Literacy Research and Instruction. Manuscripts should be less than 10 pages in length, including figures and references. Manuscripts will undergo editor review only. Each manuscript should include a brief literature review, methodology, and preliminary findings associated with the research being described. Authors are asked to use the standards in the American Psychological Association Manual, 6th Edition. Submission guidelines can be found online at:


Deadline date: Ongoing


Submission Procedures

Submission Procedures: Online submission is required.
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