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Albert J. Mazurkiewicz ALER Special Services Award

Albert J. Mazurkiewicz ALER Special Services Award

This annual award (renamed in 1999, formerly the Special Services Award) recognizes an ALER member for special service and/or significant contributions to ALER.

All ALER Awards are given to individuals to acknowledge special services and/or significant contribution to the ALER Association, or who, by personal example and leadership, have actively contributed to the progress and growth of the ALER Association. Awardees must be members of ALER.

This award is determined by an Awards Committee chaired by the Past President of ALER. The winner is given an engraved plaque.


This year’s recipient is Dr. Barbara J. McClanahan

Vicky Zygouris-Coe, 2018
J Helen Perkins, 2017
Tony and Mary Applegate, 2016
Kit Mohr, 2015 Connie Briggs, 2014
Doris Walker Dalhouse, 2013
Mary Beth Sampson, 2012
Jon Shapiro, 2011
Ellen Simpson Jampole, 2010
John A. Smith, 2009
Karen Bromley, 2008
Wayne Linek, 2007
Robert Rickelman, 2006
Joan Elliot, 2005
Jane Brady Matanzo, 2004
Barbara J. Reinken, 2003
William A. Henk, 2003
Linda Thistlethwaite, 2002
Judy Richardson, 2001
Gary Shaffer, 2000
Marino C. Alvarez, 1999
Nancy J. Padak, 1999
Fred Fordorko, 1998
Maria Valeri-Gold, 1997
Lillian R. Putnam, 1996
Patricia S. Koskinen, 1996
Victoria Risko, 1995
J. Estill Alexander, 1994
George Mason, 1993
Audrey Williams, 1992
James R. Layton, 1991
Susan M. Glazer, 1990
Betty S. Heathington, 1990
Lois Bader, 1989
Jerry L. Johns, 1988
William E. Blanton, 1988
Arthur E. Smith, 1987
Emma W. Rembert, 1987
Irene Payne, 1986
Linda B. Gambrell, 1985
James E. Walker, 1984
Robert M. Wilson, 1983
M. Jerry Weiss, 1982
Sam Zeman, 1981
Wallace D. Miller, 1980
June B. Ewing, 1980
Albert J. Mazurkiewicz, 1979
Paul R. Kazmierski, 1978
Jules Abrams, 1978
Janet Carsetti, 1976
Marvin J. Joslow, 1975
Dorothy Sullivan, 1973
Leonard S. Braam, 1973

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