Call for Editors


Call for Applications for Editors, ALER Yearbook

Annual Journal of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers

Applications must be submitted by March 15, 2020

Applications are being accepted from teams of committed and enthusiastic literacy professionals for the position of editors of the ALER Yearbook. This peer-reviewed publication publishes articles on aspects of literacy especially related to the four divisions of the organization: teacher education, college reading, clinical, and adult learning. Keynote speakers, ALER officers, award winners, and presenters submit manuscripts to capture the content and spirit of the conference. The editors manage the review and publication processes to ensure a quality publication that reflects the conference proceedings. As a valuable and unique service to ALER and to the literacy profession in general, this editorship opportunity comes only once every three years. Please seriously consider working with a team of colleagues to submit an application. Applicants must be current ALER members. 


  1. Encourage and call for manuscript submissions

  2. Recruit reviewers

  3. Prepare semi-annual reports of accept/reject decisions for ALER Board of Directors

  4. Work with Bookmasters for a proofing and production timeline for a digital version of Yearbook

  5. Timely publication of the online yearbook online posted on 

  6. Work with webmaster to develop Yearbook webpage with individual articles searchable with keywords to be used as metatags

Applications, which must be submitted electronically, should contain the following:

  1. Mission statement 

  2. Specific goals for the ALER Yearbook

  3. Qualifications of applicant/s 

  4. Demonstration of previous editorial experiences and editing skills 

  5. Curriculum vitae for each applicant that indicates a record of scholarly and professional activities 

  6. Evidence of institutional support (from each institution represented) 

  7. Statement of logistics (including a manuscript process flow chart that delineates a proposed timeline and the roles/responsibilities of each team member) 

  8. Sample call for manuscripts 

  9. Sample call for reviewers 

Members of the ALER Publications Committee will review all applications. 

Recommendations for appointment as editors will be forwarded to the ALER Executive Board for approval. The new editors will be announced in spring 2020 and will then produce the Yearbooks for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 conferences. The new editors will send out the call for manuscripts after the 2020 conference and begin receiving manuscripts in winter 2020-2021 with their first issue due to be published electronically fall 2021. The last issue for this team of editors will be published fall 2023. For further information or clarification please contact Leslie Haas.

Send all application materials electronically on or before March 15, 2020 to: 

Leslie Haas, Chair, ALER Publications Committee