Call for Submissions

Special Issue Topic: College Literacy


Literacy Research and Instruction will be publishing a special topics issue in 2019 focused on College Literacy.


College and career readiness guidelines have raised awareness of the need to support students’ literacy development through high school and post-secondary education. This special issue seeks to publish inquiries of literacy educators and researchers that examine the issues surrounding the literacy skills needed for students to be successful in college and beyond and what K-12 educators can do to support students’ literacy development. This special issue aims to address topics such as:

· Comprehensive and accurate measures of literacy proficiency for high school and college students

· Impact of college- and career-ready standards on students’ abilities

· Identifying literacy skills required for students’ success in college

· Examining literacy skills necessary for success in different careers/courses of study

· Effective remediation programs for college students


This call for submission is intended as a guide to authors as they consider manuscripts around the topic of college literacy. In general, the editorial team of Literacy Research and Instruction encourages submission of manuscripts that focus on instructional methods, practices, and strategies related to reading/literacy and of interest to literacy educators and researchers. The cover letter associated with the manuscript should note the manuscript is being submitted for consideration within the special issue on college literacy. Manuscripts should keep within 25 pages in length, excluding figures and references. Two electronic versions of the manuscript need to be submitted; one will be for blind review. Authors are asked to use the standards in the American Psychological Association Manual, 6th Edition. Submission guidelines can be found online at:


Deadline date: Manuscripts must be submitted by June 1, 2018, for consideration for publication within the special issue on college literacy in January 2019.


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