Clinical Division Update

by Debra Coffey

Vicki Collet presented the keynote address for our annual meeting of the Clinical Division on Friday, November 3, 2017, in St. Petersburg, Florida. She shared adaptations to Running Records and created an equal-interval, fine grained scale for user-friendly, effective assessment for initial screening, gap analysis, diagnosis, and progress monitoring.

We look forward to our 2018 Clinical Division meeting.  Members of our new leadership team are Debra Coffey, Chair; Cindy Jones, Chair-Elect; and Julie Francis, Secretary.  Our meeting will shine a spotlight on leaders in literacy. Have you wished for an opportunity to hear about career highlights, explore significant strategies, and make connections with leaders in the field of clinical literacy? This is your golden opportunity. Our panel will feature insights from leaders in clinical literacy, including past Chairs of the Clinical Division:

Helen Perkins

Jeanne Cobb

Jerry Johns

Kristine Wilke

Evan Ortlieb

Mary Applegate

Stephanie McAndrews

Our meeting will focus on strategies you can use on Monday morning and enjoy throughout your career.  We will celebrate literacy with light refreshments and door prizes, which will be books pertinent to literacy clinics. We look forward to seeing you in Louisville!


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