Dear ALER Members,


I hope that the summer has afforded you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy time with your family and friends. I would like to take this occasion to update you on the various activities of the ALER Executive Committee since our last newsletter. 


            -The ALER website has a new and updated look for 2018.  Some interesting features include more networking opportunities on the YM social platform and an option to post and search for jobs. Please take a moment to view our updated site at    Also, don't forget to connect with us on Facebook. I would like to extend special thanks to Ashlee Horton, our Executive Secretary and Webmaster, for the extensive amount of work that she continues to put forth to keep us socially connected and informed.


            -Connie Briggs, the Program Chair, as well as Seth Parsons, the Assistant Program Chair, have been working since last November on the details for the upcoming conference. They have secured a dynamic array of speakers and continue to work tirelessly to create   a thought-provoking and inspiring program for our next conference. I would like to thank both of them for their efforts.


            -The Executive Committee has begun to review and update ALER's Constitution and By- Laws. We are examining the descriptions of the various roles within ALER and revising obsolete procedures such as casting votes by mail ballots.  This is a process that will continue throughout the next year.


-On April 20th, the ALER Executive Committee and the Board of Directors met virtually for their spring meeting. Some of the topics that were discussed include:


            -The need for all nominators and nominees of the ALER awards to be members of ALER.


-The LRI editorial team will complete their term in July 2019 and ALER will need to begin the search for a new editorial team to assume this important position.


            -Various suggestions for welcoming new members were discussed and options to help       individuals connect with others who have the same area of research interest.


            -There were discussions about moving the ALD journal from Kent State to the ALER



Other updates will be shared by the various committees in this newsletter, future newsletters and through announcements.  I wish you a relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you at our conference in the fall!



Tami Craft Al-Hazza

President, Association for Literacy Educators & Researchers

Associate Professor of Literacy, Language & Culture

Old Dominion University


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