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J. Estill Alexander Future Leaders in Literacy Award

J. Estill Alexander Future Leaders in Literacy Award

This annual award (renamed in 2001 when Estill passed away, formerly the Leaders in Literacy Award) recognizes the mentoring provided by Estill to his many students and the outstanding research conducted by current students. It provides a scholarship, complimentary conference registration, a plaque, and one year ALER membership for the Dissertation Award ($300 and $500 for travel) and Master’s Research Paper Award ($200 and $500 for travel). Awardees make presentations at the conference. These awards are determined by the ALER Research Committee. Nomination materials for the J. Estill Alexander Future Leaders in Literacy Awards should be sent to the Chair/s of the Research Committee.

Winner of the Dissertation Award, 2014

Dr. Danell Mieure
Utah State University

Title: An Exploratory Study of Purposeful and Strategic Communicative Techniques to Teach Vocabulary from Core Reading Programs To English Learners

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Cindy Jones

Abstract:This study explored the effect of implementing purposeful, strategic techniques situated in aspects of the communicative approach to language learning when teaching vocabulary from a core reading program to English learners. Participants were 73 fifth-grade English learners nested in classrooms of 11 teachers who were randomly assigned to the treatment or comparison group. The treatment group implemented an intervention designed to teach vocabulary using methods recommended in the research with the potential to increase vocabulary acquisition of English learners. Methods were used in a communicative approach to instruction, with oral interaction as a main focus. Linear regression analysis revealed a significant difference in growth of vocabulary skills from pretest to posttest between treatment and comparison groups (p = .001); students in the treatment group showed greater progress than comparison students. This study confirmed the effectiveness of implementing purposeful, strategic communicative techniques for successful vocabulary acquisition for English learners.”

Winner of the Master's Research Paper Award, 2014

Amber Howard
Missouri State University

Title: Examining the Equivalency of Online and Face-to-Face Graduate Literacy Courses: A Case Study

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Beth Hurst

Abstract: The purpose of this case study was to examine graduate students’ and professors’ perceptions of the equivalency of student learning experiences in two online graduate literacy courses versus the same class offered through a face-to-face delivery format. This study applies Equivalency Theory to determine whether two graduate literacy courses have equivalent learning experiences between face-to-face and online delivery formats. The study found that neither online course was entirely equivalent to its face-to-face counterpart, though one was perceived as nearly equivalent.  The findings were used to conclude that equivalency in these courses depended on participant biases, instructor experience with online teaching, and the course design of the online courses. The findings of this study support Equivalency Theory.

Amie Sarker, 2013
Michael Mandarino, 2012
Taylar B. Clements, 2011
Jennifer Anne Cowgill, 2010
Cindy D. Jones, 2009
Cheryl L. Potenza-Radis, 2008
Carla Wonder-McDowell, 2008
Donna Wake, 2007
Roberta Linder, 2006
Barbara Ann Marinak, 2005
William Muth, 2004
Jacqueline Lynch, 2003
Michelle Marie Fazio, 2002
Suzanne A. Viscovich, 2001
Christine A. McKeon, 2000
Barbara S. Abromitis, 1999
Linda S. Wold, 1998
Lawrence R. Sipe, 1997
JoAnn Rubino Dugan, 1996
Jan K. Bryan, 1995
Victoria Ridgeway, 1994
Gaoyin Qian, 1993
Elizabeth G. Sturtevant, 1992
Patricia L. Scharer, 1991
Nancy B. Cothern, 1990
Linda Haren Irwin, 1989
Kathleen David, 1988
K. Roskos, 1987
Timothy V. Rasinski, 1986
Lynn Smith, 1985
Sandra U. Gibson, 1984
Robert B. Cooter, Jr., 1984
Ernest Balajthy, 1983
Mary Ann Medley, 1982
Karen D. Wood, 1982
Daniel Pierce, 1982

Lesley Alison Gear, 2013
No award in 2012
Robin Mattis Mara, 2011
Laura Elizabeth Bernfield, 2010
Daniel Allbery, 2009
Susan E. Perkins, 2008
Amy Alexandra Wilson, 2007
Wendy Warnken, 2005
Susan Barnes Porter, 2004
Tracy Zimmerman, 2003
Cindy Hayes-Low, 2002
Joan Scott Curtis, 2001
Stephanie Gerdes, 2000
Elizabeth M. Kingery, 1999
Brenda M. Greene, 1998
Melissa L. Brock, 1997
Karen E. Schroeder, 1996
Linda B. Hunter, 1995
Randale Reese, 1994
Rebekah E. Legman, 1992
Francis K. Hurley, 1991
Lisa H. McGary, 1990
Delilah Shotts, 1989
Karen Podey, 1988
Mary Jane Pearce, 1987
Cynthia M. Battalgia, 1986
Martha W. Johnson, 1985
Harvey M. Rubenstein, 1984
Judith R. Marolf, 1984
Janet M. McConologue, 1984
Lynn Ellen Keeter, 1983
Renee Close Goostree, 1982
Dorothy Champlin, 1982
Margaret B. Robertson, 1981
Phyllis Chatlos, 1981
Anne Osbourne, 1981
Linda J. Payne, 1980
Diane M. LaSorte, 1980
Alice R. Edlredge, 1980
Concetta G. Hicks, 1979
Wendy S. Keeler, 1979
Patricia Borowiec, 1979
Patricia Fisher, 1978
Ernest Balajthy, 1978
Sara Strous, 1978



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