College Literacy Division Update

by Dianna Sand

The College Literacy Division (CLD) held its annual meeting on Friday, November 3, 2017, in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Approximately 30 members attended. During the business portion of the meeting, members said a sad goodbye and wished heart-felt thanks to Tim Morrison and Ellen Kaiden for their outstanding commitment and tireless service to the College Literacy Division.  Also, at the meeting, members elected a new leadership team: Dianna Sand, Chair; Debra Coffey, Chair-Elect; Michelle Rosen, Secretary; and Vicki Collette and Wally Thompson, Co-Chairs of our Idea Exchange.

Following the business portion, members participated in the traditional CLD Idea Exchange.  This year, we boasted 14 presentations that spanned many relevant and interesting topics related to college literacy.  Participants engaged in fruitful discussions about research projects and the application of teaching strategies in college classrooms.  Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped to make our 2017 ALER CLD meeting successful.

The College Literacy Division will now have a link to our division on the ALER website.  Once operational, members will find valuable information, notices, and updates about the CLD.  Go to the ALER website, click on the About Us tab, drop down to Divisions, and you will find us!  

Important!  The Journal of Literacy Research and Instruction (LRI) will publish a dedicated issue on the topic of College Literacy.  The College Literacy Division applauds the LRI editorial team for highlighting and advancing the cause of college literacy at the national level.  Please support this effort in whatever way you can, either through submissions, reviews, or spreading the word to your colleagues. Submit manuscripts by June 1, 2018.  


Looking forward to seeing you in Louisville!  

If you have any questions about the College Literacy Division, contact Dianna Sand, Chair, at

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