Adult Learning Division Update

by Chyllis Scott

The fall meeting of the Adult Learning Division (ALD) hosted one presentation, “Using online discussion forums to engage pre-service teachers in explorations of literacy, language, and culture.”

The meeting and members also engaged in a vivid discussion about the latest statement on the rights of adult learners approved by the College Reading and Literacy Association (CRLA) and the white paper by Angus and Greenbaum, Rights of Postsecondary Readers and Learners. As a result of this meeting and discussion the division is working on an action plan to write (as a division) a white paper either in response to the CRLA or how adult students' rights in the areas of quality instructors, instruction, materials, and assessment are addressed.

No elections were needed at the time; however, a recent vacancy of the Chair-Elect seat has occurred and we are looking for members that may be interested in the position of Chair-elect. Additionally, division business included a discussion of ways to increase ALD participation, and to work toward becoming more involved in the larger dialogue of adult learning.

We hope to see you at the ALD meeting in Kentucky. For further information about the white paper or the division, contact Chyllis Scott, Chair, at

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